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Are Abortions Legal in Hk

Abortion can only be legally performed by doctors licensed in official hospitals or in the Hong Kong Family Planning Association. Performing an illegal abortion or abortion by oneself or in a doctor`s office may be punishable by fines and imprisonment for both the patient and the doctor. To perform an abortion legally, Hong Kong government Forms 1 and 3 must be signed by two licensed doctors, one of whom should be the doctor performing the procedure (usually a gynecologist). This means that in order to have an abortion, you must receive a referral from a gynecologist: references can be obtained from the Family Planning Association, the Ministry of Health (maternal and child health centers) or a private doctor. One of the cheapest options for many (costs around $5,000) is the Hong Kong Family Planning Association (FPAHK). This clinic offers medical and surgical abortions for pregnancies up to 10 weeks. They also organise counselling services before the procedure. The risk of illegal abortion is much higher. All the above complications can occur with a much higher frequency. It can even lead to death! In a recent report published by the International Planned Parenthood Federation, 13% of maternal deaths worldwide are due to unsafe abortions. Article 47A Medical abortion of the Crimes Against the Person Ordinance stipulates that abortion is legal if the life or health of the mother is in danger or if the fetus has abnormalities that would result in severe disabilities. [1] In Hong Kong, abortion is only legal if two licensed doctors have agreed that the abortion is performed in good faith for the health of the woman or fetus. There are two ways to legally terminate a pregnancy in Hong Kong: medical or surgical.

In a medical abortion, medications are used to stimulate contraction, which means you don`t need to have a clinical procedure. Many people who have a medical abortion report that they suffer from abdominal cramps after the procedure. Unlike many countries where terminating a pregnancy can be easy, abortion in Hong Kong is a bit more complicated. Not only are there several doctors who need to be consulted, but the procedure can only be performed in certain places. In fact, at present, only 19 public and private hospitals throughout the region can legally offer this service to women. The assessment should be performed by two doctors. If both agree that the abortion is performed in good faith on behalf of the woman or fetus, the abortion may take place. Currently, a legal abortion can only be performed in the Family Planning Association or in hospitals, as published in the Official Gazette. You can visit the following clinics for help or referrals. Ending a pregnancy is a very personal and difficult decision. If you`re considering an abortion, Healthy Matters is here to guide you through the process. Here`s all the information you need to know about abortions in Hong Kong, including options on what to expect, the cost, and where to go – reviewed by Dr.

Michael Rogers, OBGYN in Hong Kong. Induced abortion, when performed legally, is safe and complications are indeed rare. However, compilations may still occur occasionally: on February 17, 1981, the Legislative Council voted 40 to 7 to pass the controversial abortion law and legalize abortion in Hong Kong. [2] PIP: Abortion was legalized in Hong Kong on February 17 when the Legislative Council approved the controversial abortion law by a vote of 40 to 7. The adoption of the measure immediately provoked a reaction from Catholic Bishop John Baptist Wu, who condemned it as violating human rights principles. He said that unborn children, whether or not they have a presumed disability, have the right to life. He said: “When we ignore or deny this right, we discriminate against the weak and the powerless. Such discrimination against unborn children threatens our own humanity.

According to the law, abortion for girls under the age of 16 is practically allowed on request. It also allows abortion if 2 doctors give an opinion that the unborn child could be severely disabled. Before the adoption of the abortion law, abortion was only allowed in the colony if 2 doctors certified that a woman would risk serious injury or her life by continuing the pregnancy. In approving the legislation, the council said abortion could also be available to victims of rape or incest, provided the crime is reported to the police within 3 months and there are medical reasons for the abortion. He pointed out that the law will not allow the termination of a pregnancy if it exceeds the duration of 24 weeks. In 2004, a report revealed that Hong Kong`s abortion rate was the highest in the developed world. According to government statistics, there were 49,144 live births in 2001 and hospitals performed 20,235 abortions. The abortion rate was 29.2%. However, the actual number could be even higher, as the data did not include illegal abortions performed across the border in mainland China. [3] Abortion in Hong Kong is legal under one of the following conditions: medical experts have attributed this high rate to inadequate sex education in schools. The stigmatization of abortion has also forced women to have an illegal abortion in Guangdong. Suvan Law Sui-wan, an adviser to the charity Mother`s Choice, said: “Some of the girls are so confused, worried and frustrated and the first thing that comes to mind is abortion.

They think it`s safe, fast and effective. In Chinese culture, it`s shameful to be single and pregnant. [3] In Hong Kong, abortion can only be performed by doctors registered in hospitals published in the Official Gazette or the FPAHK Day Intervention Centre. Performing illegal abortions or self-abortions can be punished with fines and imprisonment. In both public and private systems, abortions can only be performed until the 24th week of pregnancy, unless women`s lives are at risk. How much: HK$22,000 with an FPA recommendation, without HK$40,000 and above recommendation. Most importantly, the harmful psychological effect after an induced abortion should never be overlooked. Side effects of medications that include: vaginal bleeding, abdominal cramps, nausea, diarrhea and allergic reaction. How much: To get costs from this hospital, you need to make an appointment to see a doctor. Our doctor will assess your suitability for TOP in FPAHK. Some of the most common ineligible reasons are (but are not limited to): gestational age > 10 weeks per day of TOP, allergy to TOP medications, multiple fibroids, 2 or more caesarean sections, anemia, serious illness, etc.

If you are not fit to undergo TOP in FPAHK, our doctor will give you a letter of reference to all official hospitals. The hospital doctor will decide if you can have the TOP there. Dr. Michael Rogers 羅傑士醫生 received his medical training at the University of Birmingham, UK. He is an Honorary Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He worked in Hong Kong`s public sector for over 24 years before moving into private practice 10 years ago. In the field of obstetrics, Dr. Rogers has published numerous articles in international journals on diabetes, preeclampsia and fetal care. He received his MD from the Chinese University of Hong Kong for his work on preeclampsia. Usually performed under ultrasound control to reduce the frequency of uterine perforation and incomplete abortion. Gleneagles provides abortion services to patients who are less than 12 weeks pregnant. Contraception is the best way to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, you can contact the Hong Kong Family Planning Association, the resources listed above and your doctor for more information on the contraceptive options available.

How much: First consultation fee HK$1,600-$2,000 / Second medical consultation fee: HK$400 The Family Planning Association provides abortion in accordance with the law. Medical and counselling services are provided before and after abortion. All FPAHK clinics offer counseling and candidates should be prepared to visit us at least twice before an abortion can be offered. Although most abortions are performed successfully with few problems, as with all medical procedures, there are risks. Be sure to see your doctor if you have persistent fever, increased vaginal bleeding, or abdominal pain after an abortion. In the case of an unplanned pregnancy, you have the following options: The cervix is first enlarged medically (preoperatively) or surgically under anesthesia. Deciding whether or not to terminate an unwanted pregnancy is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions to make.