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Self Declaration Form Italy Example English

Order your test kit before your trip and it will be delivered to your home to be tested anywhere, anytime. The certified guide helps you get results in 15 minutes in the NAVICA app. Get the eMed COVID-19 Self-Test Kit for $150 – that`s only $25 per test. ABOUT COVID-19 SELF-TESTS Purchase eMed`s COVID-19 self-test kit and have 6 antigen tests shipped to your U.S. address for only $150. Self-test in complete confidentiality with a virtual certified guide with the NAVICA application. Accurate results are delivered in 15 minutes, leaving plenty of time to get to the airport. eMed`s antigen tests are ideal for travelers traveling back and forth between the United States and this destination. The COVID-19 eMed Self-Test Kit includes 6 rapid antigen tests that meet the entry requirements of major U.S. airlines – perfect for travelers traveling to and from the US! Click here for up-to-date information on Italy-specific quarantine regulations that you must follow upon arrival. VIEW DOCUMENT Once you have submitted your application, we will email you the completed digital self-declaration form for Italy and the corresponding QR code before your trip so that you can see the airline`s QR code upon arrival at the airport. The Italian Border Police will ask you to see your complete form on paper, so please print it as well. Our application form is 100% digital and easy to fill, fill out and pay by credit card or PayPal.

To request this document, you must provide information about your state of health and your planned stay in Italy. You must apply before you leave for Italy, but your seat number can be changed at any time to keep the authorities informed. GET THE ITALY SELF-DECLARATION As part of the digital self-declaration form for Italy, passengers must provide their contact details as well as travel history and flight details. The Italian self-declaration form is not a visa and does not replace a visa in any way. If your nationality requires it, the Border Police will ask you to see your visa and self-declaration form to allow you to enter the country. This is a new travel document that must be presented to the border police by all international travelers upon arrival in Italy in paper form. This self-declaration form helps government agencies contact you if you or the people you are travelling with are exposed to COVID-19. On the form, you will honestly indicate if you have experienced symptoms related to COVID-19 in the 72 hours prior to your trip. No need to negotiate with the embassy. We do it for you so you don`t waste valuable time. Fill out our simple online application and pay by credit card or PayPal WHO CAN ENTER ITALY WITH THIS DOCUMENT All adults must complete the digital self-declaration form before leaving for Italy, otherwise entry will be refused.

Children may be included in their parents/guardians` application. See the FAQ to learn more about entry requirements for Italy. If you are ready to start your trip to Italy, apply now for the digital self-declaration form for Italy. The digital self-declaration form for Italy is a health document you need to enter Italy, but it does NOT replace a visa. If you need a visa to enter Italy, the border police will ask for your visa when you enter Italy. Some nationalities require a paper visa. If this is the case, we recommend contacting your local embassy. Once you have registered with your embassy or consulate, you will need to update your contact information if: Present your passport and the health declaration we issued upon arrival at the airport. Travellers should refer to the quarantine FAQ in the next section for additional testing requirements based on country of departure and quarantine restrictions.

Whether you are travelling to Italy or staying in the country for a longer period of time, request the self-declaration form now. You can request it here if you want to start your trip to Italy. Yes, you do. Passengers with a stopover or transit in Italy must have the self-declaration form with them throughout their stay in the country. Once you arrive at the airport, the border police will ask you to show your hard copy to allow entry into Italy. Start now with your self-declaration form for Italy. Your message will be delivered to you in case of emergency (e.g. natural disasters, riots, etc.) Request self-declaration to begin your journey. U.S. RESIDENTS ONLY: To return to the United States, you must take a COVID-19 test the day before you enter the country.

Don`t waste time looking for a test lab in Italy. Simplify your travel with the purchase of an eMed test kit. Order yours now and pack it in your luggage. Then follow the online instructions in the Certified Guide to take the mandatory test 24 hours before you return to the United States. DOCUMENT OVERVIEW The digital self-declaration form for Italy is required for all international arrivals to overcome the health risks associated with travel during the pandemic. Prices vary depending on your current travel needs: .