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The World Bank`s Legal Vice Presidency provides an opportunity for highly motivated law students to learn more about the mission and work of the World Bank and the Legal Vice President. The World Bank`s Legal Internship Program enables individuals to bring new perspectives, innovative ideas, and the latest research experiences to the day-to-day operations of the World Bank and enhance their legal skills while working in a multicultural environment. The Anti-Competitive Practices Unit investigates potentially anti-competitive behaviour in sectors other than health care and pharmaceuticals. ACP`s job is not only to stop illegal behaviour, but also to shape the law. The ongoing work of the ACP covers issues related to monopolisation, exclusion of small and innovative competitors, abuse of intellectual property rights and the obligation not to compete with each other. ACP has come to light by a number of cases involving anti-competitive behaviour by members of standardisation organisations. Contact: Patricia Jerjian (; 202-326-3019) The Federal Trade Commission`s Competition Bureau enforces the country`s antitrust laws. Antitrust laws encourage fierce competition and protect consumers from anti-competitive mergers and business practices such as monopolistic behavior, monopolization attempts, and business conspiracies. The bureau investigates potential antitrust violations and seeks redress in federal court or the FTC administrative judge. In addition to its enforcement work, the FTC provides antitrust enforcement advice to various stakeholders, including Congress, policymakers, other federal and state agencies, foreign governments, industry participants, and the public. Country office internship: The Legal Vice-Presidency has limited its on-site internships to offices where a lawyer from the Legal Vice-Presidency is present. The application deadline for the spring semester 2023 is from September 6 to October 28, 2022. For fall 2023, the application period runs from January 23 to March 31, 2023.

Students are encouraged to submit their application by the deadline. Students should contact the representative of each department they are interested in. The contact details of the representative(s) can be found in the shop description. The following application documents are required: cover letter, curriculum vitae, law school transcript, seven-page writing sample (maximum seven pages; Excerpts from a longer sample are allowed) and three academic or professional references. Semester internships are unpaid. All interns in the semester must be U.S. citizens and receive course credits to complete their internship. Interested students should contact their law school for more information and requirements. Division descriptions and contact information can be found below. The Bureau of Competition offers fall and spring semester law clerkships for second- and third-year law students at its Washington, D.C. offices. Semester articling students work closely with lawyers, economists, and other investigative staff in law enforcement investigations, as well as federal and administrative court proceedings.

Typical duties include conducting legal and factual research, interviewing witnesses, drafting legal notes, and preparing documents and exhibits. To be considered for this position, you must apply to It is estimated that this position works 10 to 20 hours per week. The work will be carried out from Monday to Friday. Costs: The World Bank does not reimburse participants in the World Bank`s Legal Internship Program in the form of cash fees or compensation. However, each World Bank lawyer shall be compensated in accordance with World Bank Group policies and standards in the form of (i) monetary fees/compensation paid by the University or another sponsoring organization acceptable to the Bank; or (ii) academic credits in accordance with the Bank`s fee schedule. Therefore, students participating in the World Bank`s Legal Internship Program should secure appropriate sources of funding for the duration of their internship. Given this diverse workload and the demand for comprehensive litigation and program advice, the firm is constantly looking for talented and dedicated law students interested in gaining hands-on experience advising agencies on the legal aspects of their engagement, participating in complex civil litigation before administrative tribunals, or assisting the Department of Justice in litigation before the courts. federal courts. Our articling students/external parties are called upon to conduct legal research on a variety of environmental and administrative law issues as well as Indian law issues. The Office adjudicates complaints under the Freedom of Information Act and also houses the Department`s Ethics Office. Students typically write legal notes, briefs, and motions, and assist with discovery in active federal affairs.

Students can participate in conference calls and strategy sessions with other agency advisors, including Justice Department lawyers and government officials. There may be other opportunities to attend hearings and meetings in the Washington, D.C. area. One of the main goals of the Bureau of Competition`s Legal Internship Program is to provide law students with meaningful work experience in antitrust enforcement. The Legal Internship Program offers law students the opportunity to work closely with lawyers, economists, and other investigative staff in police investigations and federal court proceedings. Interns can expect to learn the basics of antitrust law through substantive tasks on a variety of topics. The office also offers a comprehensive training program that includes case studies and brown lunches during the summer, as well as opportunities to build strong professional relationships with lawyers and economists. Interns may be assigned to one of the following departments: Anti-Competitive Practices, Health Care, Technology Application Division, Mergers I, Mergers II, Mergers III or Mergers IV. A legal articling student provides support services to lawyers, law firms or other professionals working in the legal system. The qualifications and skills you need to enter an internship program depend on the responsibilities of your position.

Most companies that offer internship opportunities are only willing to consider you for their program if you are currently a law student. Some companies have requirements for the number of years you have spent in school. You can work at a law firm for a school semester or summer, performing tasks such as researching, preparing documents for legal filing, or conducting client interviews. For aspiring legal eagles, a legal internship is essentially required before you start your legal career – and some law schools insist on articling experience as a prerequisite for adoption. Most legal interns work in law firms, taking care of basic administrative needs, conducting case studies and helping to prepare lawsuits, but companies also hire interns in their legal departments. Our Special Children Foundation is seeking an articling student to support the foundation with analysis in connection with updates on numerous research findings. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in developing their legal skills in a t. Learn and support legal operations, gain practical knowledge about our legal department, assist lawyers and paralegalsReceive, digitize archiving, retrieve and distribute documents submitted upon requestIf necessary, speak and maintain general, profess. The Office of the Attorney is responsible for the legal work of the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI), with nearly 200 lawyers practicing at headquarters and more than 300 attorneys nationwide.

DOI`s mission makes it the country`s premier conservation agency. The work we do through our offices (including the National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Indian Affairs, U.S. Geological Survey, Bureau of Reclamation, Office of Surface Mining, and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement) affects the lives of millions; from the family on holiday in a national park to a child studying in an Indian school. Please note that internships at WHO are highly competitive and only a small number of candidates are selected each year. Only successful applicants will be contacted. If you are not selected, you can reapply for other advertised internships if you are still interested and meet the admission criteria. Qualifications: Applicants must be students. The following students are eligible to participate: bachelor`s students who are enrolled for at least half a day; PhD students in public policy; law students in their first (second semester), second and third years; and law school graduates enrolled in graduate law programs (e.g., L.L.M.