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“Teri O`Brien is exceptional – responsive, very strong and knowledgeable in law and accounting, extremely friendly and easy to use.” Paulo Cezar Aragão is “a highly experienced lawyer with extensive knowledge of aspects of corporate and M&A law” who is “highly respected by his colleagues and clients”. Francisco Antunes Maciel Müssnich is described by market commentators as a “professional and outstanding practitioner with a strong background in mergers and acquisitions”. He enjoys “a great reputation among his colleagues and clients.” Monique Mavignier is a world-class M&A lawyer with extensive experience, representing clients in both buying and selling public and private transactions. Our global legal network mobilizes to support every step of the transaction process. By employing experts in our areas of tax, transactions, advice and assurance, we bring in the right people at the right time and help you maximize value. M&A transactions affect the entire business and go far beyond legal issues. That`s why we approach mergers and acquisitions from a broader and more collaborative perspective. We bring together the right people and technology to explore more opportunities and provide sound and holistic legal, tax, regulatory and financial advice. Our comprehensive, expert support helps you find and capture value, from transaction to integration. “Josh Dubofsky is really a consultant and someone I ask not only legal questions, but also business questions.” Your lawyer reviews all settlement documents to make sure your legal rights are protected, and sometimes gets involved in negotiations. You need a tax-efficient, legally compliant and operationally efficient structure. We can guide you there.

If it turns out that it is, it is not that bad and we can manage it because it is offset by these other factors that become familiar as an organization with these legal risks, I think that is one of the big jobs of in-house counsel. Your legal advisor should also be an excellent negotiator. Often, negotiating insurance and guarantees is more difficult and difficult than negotiating price. We often prepare the Letter of Intent (LOI) if the buyer is an individual. However, the buyer`s legal team will prepare the letter of intent if the buyer is a corporate buyer, private equity firm or competitor. You often need to hire your lawyer when the buyer prepares the offer. In such cases, your lawyer should be prepared to respond promptly when we receive an offer or letter of intent. From a precedent`s perspective, lawyers are always asked: What is the market? Like? What are others doing? The answer should be that everyone jumps off the Brooklyn Bridge. Would you? This can make it difficult for the person trying to talk about achieving the goal of accepting a better offer because the existing buyer sees all the information they receive, they have some kind of fair chance to comply. In today`s fast-paced world, M&A transactions are complex and urgent.

Legal counsel who understands the broader implications of a transaction for your business – on valuation, regulation, taxes and beyond – can help you find a direct path to your long-term goals. “In comparison, Cleary is unique in its ability to streamline issues and provide practical, actionable legal and risk advice regarding our options and the way forward. They also do a great job of identifying the most important issues/transaction points so the team can focus on what really matters. “They know the area and bring a lot of legal experience.” Christoph Seibt is recognized among market sources for his extensive experience in the areas of financial restructuring, corporate governance and corporate finance. Christian Decher is praised for his competent management of cross-border transactions and structural changes in listed companies. Stephan Waldhausen is “an excellent practitioner” with “a very analytical and strategic mind”. He is praised for his “extensive expertise in corporate law and private and public mergers and acquisitions.” Deborah Janssens “combines a broad and precise knowledge of legal issues with a pragmatic approach,” praise the sources, adding: “She is solution-oriented and has the ability to develop a holistic view of situations and problems.” Andreas Fabritius is a well-known name in the market for his exemplary work on corporate governance and board responsibility for German and international clients. “We call on Denise Cerasani for almost all of our tasks that require legal advice. She has more experience than anyone else on Wall Street.

She is incredibly smart, hardworking and thoughtful. Typically, and this is the way we do it at Warburg, is that the in-house counsel helps everyone improve the transaction, helps the negotiation team understand and make legal judgments, often by making the legal judgments themselves. I am your host Kison Patel, CEO and founder of M&A science. Today, Brett Shawn, Senior Vice President, Assistant General Counsel at Warburg Pincus, joins me. Today we are going to talk about how mergers and acquisitions are done from a legal perspective. Larry Sonsini of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati is recommended by his colleagues as “one of the fathers of Silicon Valley law” thanks to his extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions and governance. “Carl Sanchez and his team are world-class M&A lawyers. Not only do they provide top-notch legal advice, but our entire team is amazed at their responsiveness and attention to detail. They are our go-to team for all mergers and acquisitions. Then, the outside lawyer also helps understand what the bargaining team is trying to do and simply helps everyone better assess the legal risks.

So there is a kind of situation, which I mentioned earlier, where outside lawyers are incentivized not to miss anything. Audrey Chen is widely recognized as an experienced M&A lawyer who advises domestic and international clients well on transactions in China and abroad. Sang Binxue draws on his 25 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions and governance to skillfully represent a number of firms in complex cross-border transactions across multiple industries. Jie Chen has extensive legal experience representing a variety of international clients and Chinese domestic companies in complex M&A transactions. “The quality of service stands out as well as the legal technical wisdom. We draw on their expertise in the various areas involved in an M&A transaction, including corporate law, tax, competition, regulation and employment. » Our know-how transcends borders and reaches you where you need us. With nearly 1,000 M&A lawyers worldwide, as well as an extensive network of tax, legal and advisory specialists, our global team is seamlessly connected and engaged through technology to help you succeed. Need help navigating the regulatory landscape? We help you look beyond current conditions by providing a globally scalable legal solution for growth and. “Michael Ellis and the team radiate confidence, experience and calm.

They are extremely good in times of crisis, providing practical business and legal advice, and diplomatic in their interactions with all parties. It`s fun and challenging from a legal perspective because it`s one of those situations where the prize doesn`t always win the day. So if you`re a buyer buying the whole business, there`s an auction. There is not always an auction, but let`s just say there is an auction. If our company were bought by a large strategic company, it would not be competitive, in fact strategic, because it says that you cannot offer services to someone who is competing. Daniel Del Río de Basham Ringe y Correa is praised for his in-depth knowledge of all aspects of M&A transactions, which he relies on to advise many prominent Mexican and foreign clients. Juan Carlos Serra Campillo is described by market sources as “an accomplished professional who has balance and confidence combined with sharp legal skills”.