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Yellow Headlight Tint Legal Australia

Applying tint to your headlights is a simple modification. This is an easy and inexpensive way to harden its appearance. * This makes your vehicle unique * Developing a presentable car is all about the details * Adding a smoky look or colorful film adds a little touch of visual flair that shows that you mean style, glamour and protection. * A good headlight-tinted film protects this part of your vehicle from UV rays as well as physical damage * You can change the look as many times as you want by replacing the film * Perfect for car light protection and decoration Special qualities of the film can be applied to factory-tinted windows. When these films are applied to tinted glass, the combination of shades must still allow a visual transmission of light at 35%**. The tinted film of the headlights is not only a protection, but caps your headlights with a unique elegant color, excellent quality with a durability of 3 years Tinted headlight covers that limit more than fifteen percent of the light rays of a headlight are definitely prohibited. Most new vehicles are equipped with tinted windows. This shade is very bright and the glass may appear clear at first glance. To check this, hold a piece of white paper on the opposite side of the glass.

If it has a slight gray, green or brown color when viewed through the glass, the glass is tinted. What does this mean for you? This means that our light hues give your lights excellent protection on the roads, while our diverse selection of headlight and taillight hues look great for photographic purposes, but could be problematic if you`re still getting behind the wheel with the hues on. A tinted or opaque tape on the top of the windscreen is permitted, provided that it is not less than 10 % of the height of the windscreen and is above the part of the windscreen swept by the windscreen wipers. The tinted sheet should not be reflective or reflective, as it can dazzle other drivers by reflecting sunlight or headlight beams. A tinted headlight cover is a colored fairing placed in front of a motor vehicle headlight. Although it is possible to purchase the tint of the headlights and the tint of the taillights in different colors, Australian laws require that the light emitted by the headlights be white/yellow and the taillights be red. They also cannot block more than 15% of the projectors, otherwise they are considered illegal. Even the taillights should always be visible from 200 meters. Communication No.

7 of 2003 on consumer protection sets out the requirements of this prohibition. Check our variety of colors and different finishes, including matte, glossy or clear. This means you can be sure to find the perfect option for your vehicle. Please check the laws of your local state. Please note that regulations for commercial vehicles may differ. Headlight covers for motor vehicles that allow light transmission of less than 85% are prohibited in Australia. Failure to deliver compliant products may result in the ACCC taking action that: Safe driving requires the driver to have the best possible view of road users. Any reduction in driver vision, especially in low-light conditions, results in reduced safety. Highlights * High quality PVC material, high durability, no chips, cracks or peeling * Great compactness and not easy to discolor * Integrated into your car mounted * Does not cause damage to the surface of the vehicle * Flexible, easy to install around narrow corners and hard-to-reach places * Removable without damaging your lights and no adhesive residue to clean * No glue required Tinted windows can affect the driver`s eyesight, if they are not applied in accordance with state and territorial regulations. It is therefore desirable that the light transmission of the glazing of motor vehicles should not be reduced below 35 %*.